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GRI Equity

Venture Capital Synopsis

An investment holding company investing privately for premium returns in businesses demonstrating sustainable initiative.

Consumer awareness, regulation and technology are catalysing changes in market behaviour globally. Consumers demand value-for-money, sustainable products and services. Sustainable business models are sought by leading companies. The industrial landscape will have changed to sustainable systems within two decades. GRI Equity's investments in globally responsible businesses are expected to reap attractive, risk adjusted returns. Our structure and operations align investor and manager motivation and cash flows, unlike traditional investment vehicles.

Key Points

  • For people who want to balance the demands of profit and ethics in investing or doing business.

  • Built on sound financial engineering.

  • Massive market reference in the public domain.

  • A culture that can evolve with changing conditions from year to year and generation to generation.

  • It is continually updated, refined and tested with the latest thinking.

We will answer three questions:

  1. Why invest in sustainable (GRI) businesses?

  2. Why invest with GRI Equity?

  3. How to invest with GRI Equity?

Why invest in "sustainable" businesses? and Why invest with GRI Equity?

Market/Investment Opportunity

GRI Equity Advantage

Increasing responsible consumption benefits responsible companies and technologies.

Evaluated and assessed responsible companies and technologies

Financial investors having difficulty in incorporating new corporate governance requirements as well as combining qualitative evaluation into traditional financial screens.

Experience in assessing non-traditional and venture capital companies

Responsible companies and technologies have an attractive risk-return profile.

Invested in responsible companies and technologies to produce better risk-return profiles

Thanks to Allan Kallir for this summary table.

What's it going to do for me?

Investing with GRI Equity will make you happy. You'll invest in the leading growth markets of this era, you'll invest with great people and in interesting businesses. You'll be comfortable to discuss your investments with friends.

Who's going to buy it?

Enlightened investors. Strategic investors. High net worth individuals, companies, pensions, funds of funds, endowments.

Endorsements, big ideas/facts.

Endorsed by our clients, advisors and principals. Developed with reference to leading thinkers: Schmidheiney, Quadir, Buffett, Drucker, Gorbachev, Greenspan, Elkington and others. Reviewed by seasoned professionals: Beim, Handy.

Principal suggested reference reading for new initiants: Walking The Talk by Anova/Shell/DuPont leaders and the World Business Council For Sustainable Business.

The question:

What's the biggest issue for investors today? (terrorism, governance, technology, interest rates ...)

Risk. Its always been an element but, since the losses of 2000, investors, advisors and regulators who were chasing the dragon now realise that risk is more important to them than achieving unusual returns. Yes we all want to be rich, but those of us that work for a living think it far more important not to lose what we've worked for. For many they are also concerned they they do not exacerbate inequality, poverty and pollution. These so called enlightened people are most interested in our approach.

Principal features are outlined here.

How to Invest

You must be a sophisticated investor.  Investments made by GRI Equity are long term and illiquid.  Their value may decline as well as increase.

Contact Tom Butler, Michael Polkinghorne or Gerry van Soest.  You will be asked to confirm your suitability for participation.  You will then receive fund information, access to our online resources and a subscription agreement.  Thank you.

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"... walking the talk ..."

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