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Coaching and Business Advice
Business Funding

If you are looking for personal or team coaching please call Tom to discuss your needs.  A general introduction is available here.

If you are looking for capital for your business please send by email your business plan.  Generally we fund businesses which have already taken business advice from us.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Coaching and Business Advice

Coaching in integral systems management is an enlightening experience for business owners and managers. A personal session is often the best start for experienced people and a group retreat (see next paragraph) may be better for executive teams and boards. (Other networks your might explore include The Chief Executive Institute, Spirit in Business, and Corporate Tools.)

The Astraea retreat is an intensive course for senior executives - a private programme of 3 - 5 days' immersion of Integral Systems and Performance Enhancement. This introduces leading techniques in human and organisation behaviour including the Theory of Everything, Open Space, Parallel Thinking and business tools that encourage full spectrum improvement. Single day training is also available.

Other non-investment services include:

  • Business planning, with a focus on financial analysis, strategy and performance improvement.

  • Director training in areas of finance and business planning.

  • Family business advice including estate and succession planning.

  • Performance analysis and tracking.

  • Advice on business expansion (concept, planning, execution), either organically or through merger, including internationally.

  • Advise and manage sale or acquisition of businesses or their assets on behalf of clients.

  • Technology roadmapping; developing IT plans suitable to client's strategic intent and financial objectives.

We may also introduce you to a professional in our network if that is appropriate to your needs.

Venture Capital Funding For Your Business

Equity finance for growth, development, expansion, technology or systems implementation, acquisition, merger.

We normally only consider investment in businesses which are already advisory clients.

Investment size may be $ 0.1 million to $ 5 million as sole, principal or following investor. Smaller amounts would be appropriate as initial tranches in execution of a business plan. The currency of investment may be converted to the local currency.

All industrial sectors are considered. There is a preference for LOHAS goods and services, alternative energy and transport, and education.

Investment should finance product development, market development or business systems improvement. Turnarounds are considered. Start-ups are not usually considered. Seed capital is not available.

Preference is for businesses that show a commitment to providing authentic, value for money goods or services for customers, employees, owners and the community at large. These companies are built upon traditional principles of "do to others what you want them to do to you" and do not pursue short term market demand at the cost of medium and long term viability. Businesses ought to demonstrate a desire to adopt sustainable business principles in their product/service offerings or in their operations.

Businesses that support military endeavour, nuclear power or businesses that abuse people are not considered.

Please send us a written description of your business and proposal - a business plan. (There is a business plan framework and business plan guide in our online resources.) You may use the Introduction Form to express interest in obtaining our capital or expertise. Alternatively, please email your business plan. Thank you.

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Work Flow

Initial contact by email and telephone will clarify the opportunity for us to work together. An initial consultation clarifies the frame of reference, task objective, time-scale, budget and your options. Periodic reviews with client to update on work done and costs incurred are part of the work flow.


Our fees are very competitive.  We aim to reduce your overall costs by improving efficiency and effectiveness and saving you professional fees.

Non-investment advisory fees may be time, project or commission based. We outsource non-essential services where possible to keep costs down. Seminars, lectures and training sessions are priced individually depending on the requirements. Any work done, not in connection with investment, monitoring or divestment of a business, would attract fees.

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You may use the Introduction Form to express interest in obtaining capital or email your business plan.  Or please telephone or email to discuss other coaching or business services. Thank you.

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