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Framework of a Business Plan

Executive Summary

• a brief description of the company and type of business

• a summary of the business nature

• a description of the experience and expertise of the management team

• a summary of the product/service and competition

• a summary of financial history and projections

• funds required and equity offered to the investors

• a description of use of proceeds

• the timing of returns on investment and exit routes offered to the investor

Business Background

• a brief history and nature of the business

• the industry details of the business involved in

a summary of the future of the business


• a description of the product or service

• the uniqueness of the product

• the present status of the product, that is, a concept, prototype or product ready for market

Market Analysis

• the size of the potential market and market niche you are pursuing

• a projection of the trends and future size of the marketplace

• the estimated market share

• a description of the competition

• the marketing channel

• a summary of the potential customers

• the possibility of related or new markets that can be developed

Sales and Marketing Strategy

• the specific marketing techniques planned to be used

• the pricing plans and comparisons with pricing adopted by competitors

• the planned sales force and selling strategies for various accounts and markets

• the specific approaches for capitalizing on each marketing channel and comparison with other practices within the industry

• details of advertising and promotional plans

• a description of customer service - which markets will be covered by direct sales force, which by distributors, representative or resellers


• a description of the production process

• details of the production costs, including labor force, equipment, technology involved, extent of subcontract, supplier


• an organization chart showing the corporate structure

• a summary of the board of directors and key employees and details of their skills and experience

• a list of the remuneration for all levels of staff

• a proposed plan of how to retain key staff

Risk Factors

• a description of the major problems and risks relating to the industry, the company and the product's market

Financing Sought

• a description of the type of financing, such as, equity only or a combination of equity and loan, and stock options to the investor

• the capital structure and ownership before and after the financing

Return on Investment and Exit

• details of the timing and expected return of the investment

• a summary of the exit strategies, such as initial public offering, sale to a third party or management buyout

Use of Proceeds

• specify how the capital will be spent, that is, what amount of capital will go to which items

Financial Summaries

• a summary of the company's financial history and projections of three to five year period

• details of the principal accounting policies of the company and the major assumptions made about the projections


• resumes of key management and employees

• detailed financial forecast and assumptions

• market research report

• company literature and brochures and pictures of the


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