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Executive Summary:
-Success Factors

Market Opportunity
Change Technology
Market Dynamics


Business model

Investment Process
Initial screen
Target research
Verification & documentation
Monitor & advice
Listed investments
Decision making process



Business Model

*Example Deal Flow Reports
*Initial Screen Template
*Environmental And Social Guidelines
*Strategic Review Templates
*Financial Review Template
*Due Diligence Checklist
*Diagnostic Tool – Questionnaire and Illustrative Graphs
*Outline of Investment Committee Report
*EVCA Valuation Guidelines
*Proforma Fund Projections
*Parallel Analysis Decision Making Model
*Memorandum and Articles of Association
*Securities Law Matters

Market & Geopolitics

*Summary Findings of Global Economic Outlook (UNEP)
*Conclusions of World Resources Institute Global Resources Analysis
*The Future of the Global Environment – Analysis by UNEP/RIVM

Additional Links and Data

: Example Fund Details

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