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How To

Emotion, neuroscience and investing: Investors as dopamine addicts by James Montier

Value Investing by James Montier

Investor Mistakes by AAII

Measuring Community Impact of Investments

Entrepreneurs - a Breed Apart by Jan Kubes (know what kind of person you are investing in)

The Balanced Scorecard by CMA for evaluating CSR impact on value.

Investing in Asia - Analysis by ASRIA (all pdf):
Executive Summary
SRI in Asia
China Summary
South Korea

The Endgame for Mutual Funds July 2004

Social Impact of Portfolio Company Survey by MIT core module (xls)

Social Impact of Portfolio Company Survey by MIT enhanced module (xls)

Example of a VC Sustainability Fund Prospectus Summary - The SAM II Fund (pdf)

Public Perception of Risk by Foresight of the Office of Science and Technology, UK government pdf July 2004

Guide to Personal Stock Market Investing by The Motley Fool in pdf.

Three Keys to Investing and The Risk - Reward Trade-off and Patient Investing by The Motley Fool.

BVCA Reporting and Valuation Guidelines (also old Guidelines here) in pdf.

Managing in Troubled Times, re Asian Crisis

How to Invest in Private Equity by BVCA

Better VC Exits by EVCA

VC Industry Description, by CoWin, China

How to do VC Guide, by CoWin, China

Investment Terms

Private Equity Terms

SRI Terms

Changing UK Inheritance Tax November 2005 (pdf)

Stock Markets


SRI Screens by SRI World Group

*Motley Fool
*Motley Fool Investment Guide

Technical Data by Damodaran online (recommended site):
*EBIT CAGR by sector
*PE by sector
*PB by sector
*Value multiples by sector

Progressive Investor and SustainableBusiness.com

SustainableBusiness.com offers a wealth of information and opinion relevant for building sustainable businesses and investing in sustainable businesses. On their website is data useful in prescreening listed investments and their newsletter, The Progressive Investor, offers insights to aid building successful pportfolios and businesses.

SustainableBusiness.com: About Us
Progressive Investor - Clean Energy, Green Companies, Social Investing Newsletter
Sustainable Business Insider Article
Sustainable Business Insider: Online trade magazine tracking business and the environment
Sustainable Business Stocks: Leading Companies

Red Herring

A technology focussed investor magazine with coverage of private equity and venture capital markets.

Venture Capital: Trap door
Marking time
Red Herring
Red Herring Magazine: Venture Capital
Red Herring: Investor
Corporate venture investors are bailing out.
Fund performance

Venture Capital Research

PWC Moneytree

Stock Markets

Indicies: DJSI, FTSE4Good

Dow Jones Sustainable Index

Dow Jones offer a wealth of information provided by SAM, a leading sustainability investor.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes
DJSI Performance
DJSI sustainability
DJSI World
DJSI corporateSust
DJSI investment Sust
DJSI assessment corp
DJSI key facts
DJSI STOXX key facts
DJSI 2002review
DJSI criteria
DJSI questions
DJSI components


FTSE have compiled extensive data on listed companies screened for sustainability criteria.

FTSE4Good Index Series - Values
FTSE4Good Index Series - Constituents
FTSE4Good Index Series - Rules
FTSE4Good Global Index Constituents
FTSE4Good Index Series - Home
FTSE Global Classification System
FTSE - Free Float Adjusted

Stock Markets


Investment Banks & Consultancies

GRI Providers

Corporate Missions AB
Ex'tent Green Venture Capital
AtKisson Inc.
Brooklyn Bridge/Triple Bottom Line Investing
Dealflower AB
Planet Capital
Investmentbolaget Spiltan AB
Sustain AB
Sustainable Asset Management - view principal features of SAM's private equity fund, pdf.
Triodos Venture Capital Fund

Traditional Providers

Merrill Lynch
Goldman Sachs
Deutsche Bank

Stock Markets


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