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Governance and Investor Responsibility

Business and Investor Responsibility

* Report on Progress towards the Millenium Development Goals edited by Jeffrey Sachs, pdf 1.4 MB
*Equator Principles, adopted by leading financial organisations
*The Global Compact
* UN Millenium Development Goals
*CEO Briefing: Impact of Climate Change, UNEP Finance Initiatives in pdf.
*Friends of the Earth Due Diligence Checklist for businesses.
*Best Practices Survey by Capital Missions Company
*ISIS ($66bn managed) - Environmental Credit Risk Factors in European Banking Sector (2002)
* Examples of Environment Policies in Finance
* Fiduciary Humour


An implementation guide by Deloittes in pdf.
A guide to financial reporting by Deloittes in pdf.
Threats to compliance by Deloittes in pdf.

Leading Examples and Commentary

* Investors Fight Back BusinessWeek article May 17 2004
*World Economic Forum, Global Corporate Citizenship: The Leadership Challenge for CEOs and Boards, 2002, in pdf.
*World Economic Forum CEO Survey on Global Corporate Covernance, in pdf.
*Business Ethics by Spencer Stuart
*Globalisation, Corruption and Poverty Reduction by E Jane Ellis of Transparency International
*Global Necessities, Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability Problems, Perspectives and Prospects by J-P. Lehmann of IMD and Evian Group 2Q2003, in .pdf.

*SustainAbility founded by John Elkington and summary of The Chrysalis Economy.
*Capital Missions Company
*Alan Kay
*World Future Society

Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Governance Risk Cases

*Social Venture Network's Corporate Social Responsibility Standards, in .pdf.
*CEO Roundtable on Sustainable Business - Chiquita, Philips, St Mary's Land & Exploration, Weyerhaeuser
*An example of a large global business subscribing to sustainability reporting: Philips' Sustainability Brochure in pdf and 2002 Sustainability Report in pdf.
*Barclays CSR report 2002 in pdf
*Citigroup BBC 13/11/02
*Lipper BW 9/12/02

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