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Asset Management

Strategic Commentary

* Mainstreaming Responsible Investment by World Economic Forum and AccountAbility in pdf (January 2005).
* The Materiality of Social Environmental and Corporate Governance in Equity Pricing and the CEO Brief issued by UNEP FI, both pdf (2004)
* Who Cares Wins - Recommendations by the financial industry to better integrate environmental, social and governance issues in analysis, asset management and securities brokerage. By UNEP in pdf (2004)
* 130 Years of Market Returns by Vanguard (bear market cycle analysis)
* Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein - The Psychology of Happiness June 2004, in pdf
*EVCA International Investors Conference Procedings March 2003, in .pdf
*The Business Case of Sustainable Business - summary by Sustainability.com
*Greenspan on Sustainable Economics (First Magazine 2000)
*World Economic Outlook (IMF Sept 2002)
*K. Rogoff Interview (Economist August 2002)
*Morgan Stanley Investment Approach (2002)
*T. Tennant's Millenium Address (2000)
*Valuing Ecosystem Services ($ 33 trillion, 2/3 of global total)

GRI Trends& Funds

* Show Me The Money report by UNEP FI supporting outperformance of ESG compliant business, July 2006 pdf 546 kb
* Social Funds SRI Funds performance 2004.
* SIF SRI Report 2003, pdf
* SIF report on Community Investing in US, pdf, 2003
* SIF news release on SRI performance January 2004
*BVCA Environmental Investment Report commissioned by WWF, 4/01, in pdf.
*Sustainable Venture Finance an expert workshop on sustainability oriented venture capital and entrepreneurship sponsored by UNEPFI, INSEAD and CDC, in pdf.
*VC's Role in Sustainable Finance, CSI 6/02, in pdf.
*SRI Industry Review Europe by SiRI, in .pdf.
*European Partnership for the Environment, Accelerating Sustainable Development, 2003, in .pdf.
*Financing The Environment by Mark Mansley of Claros Consulting
*Socially Responsible Investing Trends in US 1999
*Calvert Henderson Development Indicators
* Hazel Henderson on Investing
*Social Investing Timeline from SocialFunds.com

*An alternative view - Vice Funds. News by BBC August 2003

Venture Capital -Analysis and News

* Venture Capital Blogging by Venture Capital Journal January 2005
*The Role of Women in Venture Capital by the Kauffman Foundation, 2004 in pdf.
*Global Private Equity 2003 Report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and 3i in pdf
*AIMA Hedge Fund primer released in 2003 in pdf
*The double helix: Entrepreneurship and private equity Future trends in private equity investment worldwide, Apax and The Economist Intelligence Unit 2003 in pdf.
*Global Private Equity in 2002, 3i and PWC in pdf.
*Priorities for Private Equity, EVCA in pdf.
*Now Is The Time To Invest In Private Equity by Invesco in .pdf.

*VC Pay VCA 12/02
*VC Valuation VCA 12/02
*VC Pressures RH 11/02
*VC criteria RH 9/02
*VC skills RH 8/02

*VCs have too much cash BW 7/02
*Perspective interview BW 7/02
*3i interview BW 7/02
*VC deal flow slow IE Q2/02
*Greedy VCs BW 5/02
*Global private equity by Invesco 2/02
*VC dives CNN 5/01
*VC slowing Forbes 1/01
*Industry review EVCA 6/02
*Industry review EVCA 99
*VC Industry Performance to 99 EVCA 6/02




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