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GRI Equity

Industry and Issues

Industry Research

Finance Sector, including Predatory Lending (Subprime) and Microfinance resources

Micro Finance Industry Review pdf internal

Composite Recycling Reference Collation - Complied November 2003 from material published between 1997 and 2003, predominantly US perspective.

Electronics Recycling - A wealth of information on electronics recycling and reuse.

The Food and Drink Industry - a brief report by 3i in pdf.

Eco Buildng report from the Bangkok Post

Eco Building examples from the Bangkok Post August 2000.

The Business Case for Investment in Micro Finance by Social Enterprise Associates September 2003 in pdf

The Cement Sustainability Initiative by World Business Council for Sustainable Development, July 2002, in pdf


WBCSD Report: Mobility 2030: Overview (0.9 mb pdf) * Executive Summary (1.3 mb pdf) * Full report (5.7 mb pdf)

Eurosif report on the Shipping Indstry 2009 (548 kb pdf)


Climate change and Kyoto - extract from newsletter November 2004 summarising outlook.

The Carbon Disclosure Project second report (2 MB) May 2004 and Executive Summary (0.2MB) in pdf.

Energy Market article in Venture Capital Journal November 2003.

Information and Communications Technology

Foresight, Emergent Behaviour and Complex Systems pdf 2004
*CIO as a Venture Capitalist from CIO magazine August 2003.
*IT Industry Survey by The Economist 5/03
*A History of Open Source Technology by Prediction Science
*Linux BW 3/03
*Linux BW 5/02
*Business' Killer App: The Web BW 4/02
*Why IT doesn't matter Harvard Business Review excerpt.
*Green Computing in .pdf

Technology explained

Bell Labs
Et Forecasts

Electromagnetic Spectrum and Consciousness

Foresight, EMS Executive Summary pdf 2004
Foresight, EMS State of the Art pdf 2004
Foresight, EMS Findings and Analysis pdf 2004


Intellectual Property

*GNU General Public License for open source
*Report on Cheat Detection Software by The Economist
*Report on Automatic Report Writing Software by The Economist



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