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Finance Resources

The Great Chinese Bank Sale Far Eastern Economic Review 200509 148kb pdf

Financial Crisis

The Financial Crisis - Background, Outlook, Action  October/November 2008 pdf

Opportunity in Crisis - a pocketful of ideas April 2009 pdf

Predatory Lending

Subprime Foreclosures: The Smoking Gun of Predatory Lending?  added February 2006 pdf 42kb

Subprime Market Growth and Predatory Lending  added February 2006 pdf 41kb

Stark Differences: Explosion of the Subprime Industry and Racial Hypersegmentation in Home Equity Lending  added February 2006 pdf  56kb

The Best Value in the Subprime Market State Predatory Lending Reforms  added February 2006 pdf  435kb

Microfinance Resources

Micro Finance Industry Review 2005 pdf members

Overview of the Outreach and Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Africa by Microfinance Information Exchange 340kb pdf 200504 30 pages

The Business Case for Microfinance by Social Enterprise Associates 114kb pdf 5 pages (algebra) 2004

Commercial Banks in Micro-finance :New Actors in the Micro-finance World by ADA html 1998

Cost of Equity in Microfinance by Nextbillion.net html 20050918

The Profile of Microfinance in Latin America in Ten Years: Vision & Characteristics (executive summary) by Beatriz Marulanda and María Otero of Accion 232kb pdf 200504 10 pages

The Profile of Microfinance in Latin America in 10 Years: Vision & Characteristics 52 pages pdf 861 kb

Financing for Microfinance by Accion 79kb pdf 2004 2 pages

Exploring the Funding Side of Microfinance Institutions by Tor Jansson, Inter-American Development Bank 792kb pdf 2003 29 pages

Guiding Principles on Regulation and Supervision of Microfinance CGAP/World Bank 200307 260kb 38 pages

The Market for Microfinance Foreign Investment: Opportunities and Challenges  CGAP/MIX/ADA pdf 189kb 20041111 18 pages

State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2003 pdf 720kb 200311

Microenterprise in the First and Third Worlds 200106 pdf 86kb

Microfinance & the Double Bottom Line: Measuring Social Return for the Microfinance Industry & Microcredit with Education Programs  Social Enterprise Associates pdf 2004 410kb 13 pages

Marketing in Microfinance Institutions 200010 pdf 8 pages 440kb

Mobilising Investors towards Microfinance ADA 200311 pdf 28 pages 980kb

Equity Investments in MFIs and Transformation: The Case of XAC, Mongolia UNDP/UNCDP 2002 pdf 141kb 50 pages

Raising Capital through Equity Investments in MFIs: Lessons from ACLEDA, Cambodia UNCDF 200106 pdf 29 pages 99kb

Street UK A micro-fi nance organisation Lessons Learned From its fi rst three years’ operations  68 pages 4.8Mb pdf 2004






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